New Toilets from TOTO for 2021

New for 2021 are two new TOTO toilets. The TOTO RP Compact and TOTO GP WC pans. The new TOTO toilets fit perfectly into bathrooms of every size, whether large, small or just for guests to use.
TOTO introduces the new RP Compact toilet, the latest in the bestselling RP series. This TOTO WC is designed especially for use in small bathrooms.
The round RP Compact is dubbed “the little extra” – it is the smaller version of the tried and tested TOTO RP toilet, designed to fit perfectly into small and guest bathrooms. It can be combined with an extra slim seat, which seamlessly blends in with the rest of the toilet to appear as one complete unit. This versatile TOTO toilet complements practically every space, with a balanced, harmonious design. Like every toilet sold by the Japanese manufacturer, it features special hygiene technologies that keep it as clean as on the very first day you started using it. 
Also new to the collection is the streamlined, elegant GP toilet, which blends effortlessly into just about every interior. It is also ideal for small and guest bathrooms.
Both the RP Compact and GP WC’s feature a rimless bowl, so this makes them very easy to clean. No trying to get into hard to get to places to clean! They both feature the powerful cyclone TORNADO FLUSH. The CEFIONTECT glaze on these pans make the surface smooth and long lasting. This is turn prevents bacteria and germs from accumulating, keeping the ceramic clean over an extended period of time.
The TOTO extra slim seat is created out of robust urea resin to ensure long-lasting stability and the utmost in comfort.
After intensive research and development, TOTO claims that its toilets are among “the most hygienic available on the market, meeting all standards recommended for hospitals recommended by the Robert Koch Institute”. TOTO’s products are increasingly used not only in private homes, but also in restaurants, hotels, public spaces and especially healthcare facilities.
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