Ca' Pietra

Ca’ Pietra

At Ca’ Pietra we believe that every home deserves a statement tile. Whether that tile is patterned, textured, an interesting shape or size or even a colour combination or finish that makes it stand out from the crowd.

We embrace our design flair and passion for all things interiors to create tiles that are style-setting and on-trend. We enjoy sharing our love of colour and pattern to bring life, fun and character to every room and we guarantee a product promise to all of our valued customers. Our collections are always frequently updated, internationally inspired and both timeless and forward-thinking in their distinctive patterns, colours, textures, finishes and effects.

As well as decorative, statement and patterned tiles, we are also known for our natural stone, too. Our expert knowledge of stone in all its wonderful variations brings together our love and appreciation of craftsmanship and carefully curated design. We nurture and harness the beauty of limestone, sandstone, marble, terracotta and slate to complement or contrast your home style, whatever it may be.

Ca’ Pietra
Ca’ Pietra

Hey, We Are Ca’ Pietra


Seriously Stylish Stone & Tiles™, and Proper Good Paint™ is our thing. We are so glad you found us.

If you are tile-obsessed, a décor-dreamer or looking for stone to make your home shine, then you have come to the right place. We hope you will enjoy browsing our collections which are full to the brim of stylish stones and decorative delights that will bring your home to life.

We can’t wait to see how you use our products throughout your project.

What makes Ca’ Pietra Special?

You may have found us on Instagram, stumbled upon us whilst trawling the internet for the perfect tiles or spotted us in a local showroom. Either way, hello and welcome to the world of Ca’ Pietra.

An ever-evolving collection created by the best in the industry.

Our experts scour the world for the finest sources of natural stone, skilfully crafted tiles and cutting-edge designs, so that you can enjoy the best in your home.

Forget waiting around…

We know that time is precious, which is why we hold our stock in our Wiltshire warehouses. When you order from us, you benefit from a super quick turnaround on your order.


We are passionate about playing our part where sustainability is concerned, which is why we work with our suppliers to continually improve the sustainability of our tile collections.

We continue to add recycled materials to our collection and consciously look to introduce stone and tiles with recycled content each season.

We are committed to using recyclable materials for our product packaging and are proud that our natural stone and tiles are products that will last a lifetime, reducing the need for replacements and minimising waste.

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