Bathrooms in thoroughly thought out Danish design and complete functionality

The bathroom is your personal oasis. Nobody is better at creating this place than you. With Dansani, you make an easy and inspiring task of furnishing the room with beautiful, thoroughly thought out and functional solutions. And everything is based on proper craftsmanship and a deeply rooted Danish design tradition.


Create your personal space

Our promise to you is ”Create your personal space”. It is a story about opportunities, creativity and individuality. It is also a challenge for you as the  consumer to use our products on your terms. We see the bathroom as the most important room in the house. It will not get more personal than this. It is a room where you surprisingly spend a lot of time every day. We think you should have the opportunity to play with your creativity when you design your bathroom. This is also the reason why we offer you a wide range of products so that you can design just as you like according to the size of the room, budget and your personal style. We make bathrooms for people who are all different. We see the bathroom as your personal space, and no one can create this personal sanctuary better than you.

Our mission is to make it easy and inspiring to design your bathroom with beautiful, well designed and functional solutions. All created based on good craftsmanship and with deep roots in our Danish design traditions.

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