Quality, tradition, design and innovation for products dedicated to contemporary wellbeing.
This is now the mission of effegibi, the fruit of a project launched in 1987 when the company was originally founded. effegibi began life producing Finnish saunas, and soon after determined to target its products not at an elite group, but at the wider public, while still maintaining meticulous attention to choice of materials and construction criteria.
Another important milestone in the company’s history was the introduction of the hammam, or turkish bath, which helped effegibi become the leading brand in the wellness sector, as it is now regarded worldwide. The ease of product installation, italian design and unqualified respect for the traditions of saunas and hammams, are the key elements at the heart of every effegibi project. It is the synthesis of these elements that makes effegibi products unique in terms of functionality and beauty, ensuring they make every house truly special.

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Hammam | Turkish Bath: a marriage of tradition and innovation.

Effegibi, the leading company in the home health and beauty sector, produces home Turkish Bath that can be personalised to meet individual tastes and spaces.
Tradition and innovation combines with safety and certified quality, to provide you with all the benefits and comfort of a Hammam in your very own box shower.
Effegibi offers the ultimate in personalisation to transform showers of any size into a genuine Hammam, creating a space for total relaxation and wellbeing in the privacy of your own home.

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