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hansgrohe Pulsify
hansgrohe Pulsify hansgrohe Pulsify hansgrohe Pulsify hansgrohe Pulsify

hansgrohe Pulsify overhead shower with PowderRain – Sometimes relaxing, sometimes energizing    

Busy days, sleepless nights. Off to the shower! It helps wash away the stress, wake you up. At hansgrohe, however, we believe that a shower can do even more: revitalize and inspire your you. Above all, this comes from the two PowderRain spray modes, which provide unimaginably beautiful shower experiences and wash every burden off your shoulders. Pulsify showers transform water into a silky cloak of countless microdroplets, enveloping you completely and almost silently. Depending on the intensity of the spray mode, you can feel deeply relaxed or highly refreshed after your shower. In short: brought to new life.

With Pulsify and PowderRain you will experience wellbeing on another level, relaxing totally in both mind and body. PowderRain transforms water into a gentle blanket of countless microdrops that dance on your skin, leaving you feeling lighter, freer and revitalised.

hansgrohe Pulsify overhead shower features:

  • consists of: overhead shower, wall connector
  • shower head size: 260 mm
  • spray type: PowderRain, Intense PowderRain
  • Fast Drain to reduce the dripping time
  • ball-joint: ball-joint for easy angle adjustment, variable from 10 – 30°
  • spray disc surface: graphite
  • material spray disc: plastic
  • overhead shower removable for cleaning
  • Five-year manufacturer’s guarantee
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