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Villeroy & Boch Soft Colours Tiles

Tradition, quality and authenticity, these are the classic Villeroy & Boch attributes which combined with innovative style and design make every Villeroy & Boch product so much more. These are the values that will inspire you and give you the freedom to design your bathroom exactly the way you want it to be, with the reassurance of a brand that has refined itself with over 265 years of excellence

Villeroy & Boch Soft Colours Tiles
Villeroy & Boch Soft Colours Tiles Villeroy & Boch Soft Colours Tiles Villeroy & Boch Soft Colours Tiles Villeroy & Boch Soft Colours Tiles Villeroy & Boch Soft Colours Tiles

Villeroy & Boch SOFT COLOURS Tiles

Traditional Stucco Veneziano reinterpreted in coloured ceramic

Finely structured, artisanal textures and soft natural shades go to make up the special character of façades and interiors of the kinds of historic buildings and villas familiar to the Mediterranean and Italy in particular. These typical walls were made of the coloured lime plaster known as ‘Stucco Veneziano’, which was applied and thickened with trowels over the course of multiple, complex work steps.

Inspired by this traditional technique, the SOFT COLOURS wall tile range was created with a charming charisma that reflects venerable craftsmanship while at the same time interpreting it in a minimalist way. A visible and tactile relief reminiscent of classic plaster finishes was created on the glazed non vitreous for this purpose. Though the base tiles present a rather understated plaster look, the ‘trowel strokes’ in the décor tiles are raised significantly higher and cover a larger area in a three-dimensional relief, making the ‘hand-made’ look even more authentic.

The six matt, slightly grey pastel colours are discreet and understated and can all be harmoniously combined with each other. No matter whether the layout is monochrome, tone-on-tone or a gentle contrast, these easy-care ceramic tiles bring a wonderfully elegant, airy natural flair to bathrooms and living areas.

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